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We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new online subscription management service, using Manage Comics! 

With this new program, you can search through titles, trades and hardcovers, toys and merch, and more and pre-order directly through our website! 

This program will completely replace our old order form system. The new site has an incredible amount of features we know you all will be excited for, including a full catalog of what you have purchased and pre-ordered, all titles available from our distributors, AND you will be the first to see all the ways we are expanding our merchandise lines! 

You will still have your original pullbox number, and will receive your standard 10% discount on pre-ordered comic books (other merchandise lines do not qualify for subscription discount). If you do not have a pullbox number, we will assign one to your account.

Please note: This online order system is based on Final Order Cutoff dates by distributor, which is typically three weeks prior to the actual release date. If you are unsure when an item will be released, you can find that information on the title page of the site. There is an option to pre-order books by FOC date, or you can place pre-orders by individual titles, artists, or publishers. 

Here’s How to Get Started: 

Go to 

Here, you’ll see a few different ways our extensive inventory is organized: by type, distributor, product type, final order cutoff, etc. 

Browse by Type

The website shows products by type based on what the store is able to order through their distributors.

Browse by Publisher

This lets you browse through the comics by publisher. We also showcase the most recent previews here which will include the monthly lists from all publishers.

Publisher listings

The publisher pages show all of the titles currently available to subscribe or pre-order.

Title Page

Clicking through an individual title will take you to that title's page.  On the title page you have the ability to subscribe to a specific cover, and see the covers to upcoming issues (where available).

How to Subscribe to a Series

You'll be able to subscribe to a series directly on the Nova Gateway site. Once you're logged on to our site with an account, you'll begin to see "Subscribe" buttons next to active series (comics, TPBs, hardcovers and manga).  That link takes you to the subscription page for that series. From there you can choose the cover to subscribe to, and select the number of copies, as well as see upcoming issues.

You can also find series through the Subscriptions link on your store's site. From there you'll be able to find thousands of products for subscription and pre-order. The "My Subscriptions" page is where all of your order history can be found, including your ongoing subscriptions, your Pre-Orders (items that aren’t on a monthly or bi-monthly release schedule), and your previously Pulled Orders.

My Subscriptions

This tab lists your subscriptions, the cover variant you are signed up for, and the next issue that is expected.  Clicking through to any item will bring you to the title page where you can find out shipping date and other information.

Pulled Orders

This tab will show you orders that have been pulled for you in the past.

Billed Orders

This will show you anything that is ready to be paid, along with the link to pay for your orders.

You will be able to select whether you would like your order shipped or placed for pick-up at either one of our locations. 

That’s it!